i miss feels-on-wheels

Here I am!

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david duchovny doesn’t know what frogs are

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you cant use a slur just because south park said it wasnt a slur anymore i cant believe this is an actual discussion

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  • lydiallama

    this ask reminded me of a really great reasonably mediocre story from high school that i’m not going to tell you

    i call this the box story 

    so in my high school gym class we had running and workouts for two days in the week and got the choice to choose which sport we would play for the other three days

    well once we chose “cooperative games” where we got split into lil groups and had to accomplish a task together and that day the gym teacher gave us six random letters from these things: 


    and told us to make some kind of product idea that we could market based on them

    so everyone got together and it was all random letters so a bunch of groups put together acronyms and made up products from that, but i looked at these six things and thought, wait guys, check this out

    and i built a box

    and then came time for each group to give a presentation about their product they made from these letters and everyone bs’d things about how their product would make daily life easier/more interesting/more fun/whatever and the teacher would ask them questions about there product blah blah blah

    and she got to our group and we showed off our box, and we were like, it’s a box.  for like, storing things.  and you can take it apart so you can store the box.  maybe even store the box inside a box

    and my gym teacher was fucking BLOWN AWAY by our ingenuity, she lost her shit and she was like holy FUCK how did you think of that??

    and everyone looked at me because i had come up with the box idea and i looked her dead in the eyes and because i never socialize and i don’t know how to make things up on the spot i blurted out in front of the entire class ”i just really like boxes”

    and she was like ….okay, but how’d you think of the idea??

    to which i responded, eloquent as i am, “i really like boxes” (i was thinking of the companion cube from portal tbh)

    so naturally, she asked, “alright, and why did you choose to make a box?”

    (can u guess what i said)

    and she just kept fuckin asking me about this goddamn box like the Lord Himself came down from heaven to tell me to make a box like she would NOT accept that i just have a particular inclination towards Boxes

    and now im an engineer at cornell university

    anyway im on a laptop and can’t see the emojis that’s what i was trying to say

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